Our mattresses incorporate the very latest in mattress technologies. What that does mean for you? Better support. Better comfort. Better temperature management. It isn’t about hours clocked in bed-it’s about getting a sleep that recharges your body, refresh and empower you for the day ahead.


Did you know you spend on average a third of your life sleeping? Sleep is a vital part of our lives which impacts our health and well-being and helps rejuvenate our bodies. This is why at Hayleys Mattresses we truly believe that Sleep Matters! With so many hours spent on bed we understand how important the ideal sleeping surface is. With this in mind, Hayleys Mattresses offers you a wide range of Mattresses with uncompromising quality, durability & comfort, to suit all ages and budgets which is sure to provide you with an ultimately blissful night’s sleep!

Our range of mattresses include both Rubberised Coir (RC) mattresses and Spring Mattresses. Manufactured within an ISO 9001:2008 certified production plant together with the certification for Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) for sustainable processing methods of latex products from organic raw materials, we are renowned for our range of mattresses which can also be custom designed according to your specifications.

Hayleys Mattresses are brought to you by Hayleys Fibre which is a world renowned manufacturer and exporter of eco-friendly coir based value added products based in Sri Lanka. Hayleys Fibre is a subsidiary of Hayleys PLC, a multple award winning blue chip conglomerate which has a rich history tracing back to 1878 as well as a business portfolio spanning across 12 sectors.