The Hayleys Mattress collection of mattresses incorporates the very latest in mattress technologies. What that does mean for you? Better support. Better comfort. Better temperature management. Because it isn’t about hours clocked in bed—it’s about getting recharging sleep that will refresh and empower you for the day ahead.


Find the right Hayleys mattress for your sleep needs.

Spring Collection


HEAVENLY MATTRESS The latest addition to our mattress collection, this is an ultimately luxurious Spring Mattress which fully relaxes your body enhancing sleep quality. Consisting of a Pocketed

Hospitality Mattress

This specially designed range, targeting the hospitality industry including Hotels, Motels, Resorts & other related lodging,

Supreme Bliss

SUPREME BLISS A supreme mattress of uncompromising quality, this mattress consists of a Pocketed Spring Unit surrounded by layers of Natural Latex Foam on top and the bottom. The perforated


BLOSSOM For a quality Spring Mattress at an affordable price, look no further than the Blossom by Hayleys Mattresses. Built with a Bonnell Spring Unit in between 2 layers of

Natural Collections

Royal Classic

ROYAL CLASSIC A Rubberised Coir mattress with the feel and comfort of a Spring Mattress, the Royal Classic consists of a PU foam layer sandwiched in between 2 soft and


CLASSIC MATTRESS A firm Rubberised Coir block with a top layer of perforated Natural Latex Foam for extra cushioning finished with a Poly-Cotton Quilted Jacquard Cover, the Classic Mattress is…

Orthopaedic Classic

A firm sleeping surface with added comfort, this all natural high density Rubberised Coir mattress is topped with a layer of Perforated Natural Latex Foam.


ORTHOPAEDIC MATTRESS Our Mattresses manufactured with a high density Rubberised Coir block, gives you a firm surface providing extra lumbar & neck support by perfectly placing pressure on your hips


DELUXE MATTRESS A natural coir mattress at a bargain price! The Deluxe by Hayleys Mattresses consists of a Coir Block finished with a polyester/cotton blended quilted cover. With moisture absorption

Dreams Baby Mattress

DREAMS BABY MATTRESS Another recent innovation by Hayleys Mattresses, this all natural non-toxic Mattress is specially designed for new-borns, toddlers and infants alike. Clinically proven to prevent flat head syndrome,