Rubberised Coir Mattresses

Eco Friendly Mattresses For A Soothing Sleep

Nature around us is what inspires us to create the most comfortable, healthy and high quality mattresses. The Rubberized Coir Series uses the finest natural breathable materials and are machine prepared increasing their durability compared to those made using traditional methods. Meticulous attention is given to each and every seam and corner for the sole purpose of providing you with a sweetest and healthiest sleep. Our range consists of 100% Coir Mattresses, Coir Mattresses topped with Latex Layers, Orthopaedic Mattresses specially designed to alleviate back pains and Cot Mattresses. With an eco-friendly Rubberised Coir Mattress from Hayleys Mattresses you are guaranteed a soothing sleep.

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Orthopaedic Collection

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